5 Reasons Why There’s Water Leaking In Your Basement

Water leakage in basements are without a doubt an expensive ordeal. In addition to the problem of standing water, you’d have to deal with the possibility of mold and the damage caused to your belongings. Here are 5 common reasons why there’s a water leakage in your basement, according to the waterproofing experts in NJ.

1. When the ground is near level and rainwater is drawing into your house, it is likely that the water can get into your basement. This is a common cause in older houses.

2. Presence of cracks in the basement is another reason. The issue cannot be eliminated unless the cracks are repaired. Identify the cause of the crack to correct the problem.

3. Window wells can be decorative and useful, but they can cause trouble if not working properly. Overflowing gutters during rain can fill the window wells with water, which can probably get into the basement through the windows.

4. Sewer pipe leakage is another common reason. This could be dangerous as they cannot be noticed for a while until it gets intense. These plumbing leaks can show up as a stain in the ceiling or wall, or even as a mold.

5. A phenomenon called honeycomb leakage is caused by poorly mixed concrete or air pockets that forms cavities and leads to leakage. This is however, one of the easiest fixes in basement waterproofing that involve a simple sealing.

These are the 5 common reasons for basement water leakage. If you identify water leaking in your basement, don’t wait and contact a NJ basement waterproofing contractor right away!

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