A Guide to Retractable Awning Installation

Installing an awning over your patio or deck gives you more opportunities to utilise your outdoor living space in many ways. A strategically placed awning will provide shelter in the winter, shade in the summer, and add style to a house throughout the year. In fact, a retractable awning can be installed in your wall, roof, fascia, and soffit.

That said, the key to making the most of your outdoors is to find the right awning and install them rightly. Awning construction requires planning and attention to detail as a lot of factors involved in installation.

Here are a few pointers for proper installation of retractable awnings Sydney:-

DIY installation of awnings is a bad idea. Installing awnings might seem easier but they are composed of various complex components requiring professional installation service. A professional installation can give you durable and stable retractable awnings.

Hire a Reputed Awning Company

Not all awning companies are the same, and the quality of the awning and installation techniques differ. This is the first thing you need to do before considering retractable awnings Sydney for sale. Choose the right awning company for precise and flawless installation. When searching for an awning company, experience, reputation, full-service capabilities, portfolio, and showroom are the major things you need to look for.

We have been into the industry for several years and our staffs are expert in getting your awning installed correctly.

Awning Height

Ensure the awning is at least 8 feet from the ground, depending on how far the awnings should be projected or extended and the elevation level. In case if you are planning to install your awning over a swinging door, you’ll need another 10-12 inches for clearance space.

Projection Length of the Awning

It’s important to consider how far the awnings should be extended or projected to ensure the frame has optimum strength to support the awning fabric and withstand the wind shear, harsh UV rays, and sudden changes in weather. We can able to guide you in calculating the appropriate length to maximise and make the most of your awnings.


The location of the awnings is crucial for a successful installation. You should know how much space your awning requires before buying one so that you can prepare the space. If any structural considerations or limitations limit you, we can help you resolve and customise the retractable awnings Sydney for sale to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Our professionals are experts and can ensure proper mounting of your awnings. We can help install your awning on any mounting surface. For further queries on retractable awnings Sydney prices or prices, please contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.