Boost Your Car Stereo’s Sound without Installing New Speakers

Just like a lot of people, you might have spent a massive amount of time and money building your car audio systems to get the perfect sound. They may sound great in the parking lot, but when you start driving around town it leaves something to be desired. The overall volume drops, the highs get muddy and the bass disappears. You can turn it up to compensate, but as soon as you merge onto the highway it just gets worse. That’s when sound dampening products comes to your rescue.

What is it?

A sound dampening product is water based viscous elastic compound manufactured specifically to dampen unwanted noises and vibration. Due to its viscous elastic flexibility it converts sound producing resonance into low-grade heat instead of noise.

Where Can a Sound Dampening Product Be Installed?

1. The Doorway to Tranquility

The first place you’ll want to add sound damping material is the inside of your doors and behind the windows. A great product would cover both the passenger and driver doors. While insulating the inside of the doors is good, you may want to think about adding some to the inside of the door panels, as well.

2. Kill Your Engines

Since the engine is so close to the interior, it makes sense that some of that noise bleeds through to disrupt your listening experience. A simple solution is to dampen the engine compartment.

3. Get Floored

The floor of your car is the closest thing to the ground, and it’s where a lot of exterior noise comes from. Though the carpet may help a little, you’ll want to add an extra layer to really buffer the road noise coming through the floorboards.

4. The Junk in Your Trunk

Since the trunk is the optimal place for a subwoofer, installing a sound dampening material can reduce rattling by more than 95%.

You really can’t go wrong with adding sound damping to your car. Not only will it allow you to enjoy your music at lower volumes while you drive, you’ll also notice a much more solid feel when you close the doors.

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