Decorate Your Home with Modern Chandeliers!

Chandeliers are statement pieces that are often associated with wealth and royalty! The sheer exuberance of a chandelier can transform a space – so why not décor your home with modern chandeliers? From the living room to the kitchen to even the bath, there is a place for a chandelier in every room of your house.

You can use the chandeliers to grace the entrance foyer or adorn the living room or above the dining table. The ancient chandeliers have evolved to suit today’s modern living and are available in various styles. Check out these ideas and get inspired to give your space a brilliant update.

Over the bathtub

Hanging a chandelier over a bathtub will surely make those relaxing bubble baths even more relaxing and stylish. Surprised? Just give it a try. It’s whimsical, romantic and definitely dramatic! Finished in gleaming brass and dripping with glass rods, the multilayered chandelier would elevate the even most uninspired bath fixtures.


Hang Crystal Chandeliers over the entryway to light the way in a fashion-forward style. Even if you are in a pint-sized apartment, a chandelier is more than enough to create a grand entrance.


You can use the mini chandelier to perk up the kitchen! Yes, placing them over your kitchen island will give more light for preparing dinner and cookies and it helps enhance your kitchen’s personality and theme.


Subtle ceiling mounts are fine for a living space, but there is no denying the decorative presence of a chandelier. However, it doesn’t have to be all that glitz and glamour. You will definitely love the moody elegance of the grand crystal chandelier.


Do you want to add some romance? Well, hang the chandelier over the bed. Instead of using a dramatic headboard you can do something more subtle and add a beautiful chandelier in the mix.

Using the chandelier over the bed in a bedroom is an excellent idea for aesthetic reasons, but you don’t have to hang it over the bed to get the same effect. Yes, you can hang the chandelier over the side tables or just somewhere in the corner to transform your ordinary bedroom into a grand place.

Guest room

Even the guest room can accommodate a chandelier, and it is the perfect way to make the room feel a little more thoughtful. When you add different light fixtures, it makes the room even cosier.

Consider the size of the room before installing a chandelier as it can result in a disproportioned look in your space. Also, ensure that the source of light in the chandelier is not visible and does not shine in the eye. For a modern minimalistic look, choose chandeliers with clean lines and a minimal amount of ornate decorations.