Expert Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety during this Storm Season

Storms, unpredictable weather, and floods are a part of life in Australia. If not well prepared, these calamities can cause severe damages such as electrical hazards and more. So, it’s essential to stay alert during extreme weather conditions that are very common during the spring and summer months. Here we’ve compiled a list of tips provided by the leading electrician in Perth to avoid any risks during severe weather conditions.

Preparation before a Storm

  • Have safety switches installed at your home and check it regularly for any electrical issues.
  • During an emergency, turn off gas, power, and water supply immediately.
  • Pack and store electrical items that are unused for a long time in a secure place.
  • If you have any TV’s and unfixed aerials outside your home premises, unplug and store them in a dry area.
  • Switch off all the electrical equipment in your home when the storm approaches.
  • Use the safe isolation method to shut down the solar PV system.
  • Pack loose items that can be easily carried away by strong winds.
  • Cut off the thin branches near the power line that could break during severe weather conditions.
  • Install a surge protector on your electricity switchboard to protect your appliances and other electrical items in the event of a power surge.
  • Contact your electrical contractors in Perth to find out whether there are any damages in the wiring or electrical equipment at your home. If any, get them fixed as soon as possible to escape from a major electrical hazard.

During a Storm

  • Turn off the power points and all other electrical equipment in case of lost power.
  • Have a radio or similar device to get regular weather updates.
  • Avoid using the fixed telephone during a thunderstorm since it can deliver an electric shock.
  • Shift all your electrical equipment to higher locations if flood waters are expected.
  • If the emergency hits when you are in the car, stay away from power lines, trees, and watercourses.

After a Storm

  • Check the news updates for any further warnings.
  • Contact your local electricity distribution entity to report any fallen or damaged lines.
  • Stay away from street lights, electrical cables, or other electric material that may be lying around your house.
  • If you’ve any damaged switchboards stay away from them and call your emergency electrician in Perth immediately.

Don’t try to fix the electrical damages in your home by yourself. Doing this is illegal and dangerous. Get in touch with a licensed electrician in Perth to fix the issues and avoid any major electric shock.