Find Out the Best Window Treatment for Your Kids Room

Blinds are the most traditional, useful and accomplished types of window treatments which allows light to come in and blocks out light rays when needed. It also provides a high range of privacy level which is not possible with other kinds of window treatments like curtains and drapes. Also, reports indicate that the largest product segment of window treatment is blinds (Venetian, Roman, vertical, mini blinds) and it generates 43.1% of the industry’s revenue. Choosing a window treatment can make or break a kid’s room. Making a right choice literally lights up the life of kids whereas the wrong one could be hazardous or uncomfortable for them. If you have a toddler in your home, you will need some kind of window treatment that is chic but safe at the same time. Today, cordless blinds are available in the market, which are specifically made for the children’s rooms. Installing these blinds throughout your entire home can work well and follows strict safety precaution.

Considerations for Kid’s Room


While choosing a window treatment, you should consider the child’s age and gender if they have their own rooms. Because, the blinds that are safe and good for kids of age 2 to 5 would not be desirable and appropriate for 7 year old or teens. If your kids are sharing the same room opt for window blinds with neutral colour scheme and patterns.


Today, online blinds come in a wide range of different materials and styles. Metal blinds are affordable and generally don’t rust easily and come in the style of Venetian blinds. Plastic blinds quite robust and resistant to the wear and tear of extreme weather and come in a wide variety of colours to match the decor of a home. Wooden blinds are more stylish and require high maintenance whereas Faux wood blinds are able to achieve the elegant look of wood while still keeping the low-maintenance advantages of metal and plastic.

Consider the age and requirements of your kids and choose the right material that suits their purpose. If your kids are below 5 years old, choose blinds with small slats and requires low maintenance.


The most important criterion to choose the right blind for your kid’s room is safety. This is because, while toddlers grow, they tend to look everything with a curiosity and pull cords on blinds when trying to stand or walk. This may lead to strangulation hazard and could be avoided by installing cordless window blinds on kid’s room. Nowadays, window blinds online are introduced with cord cleat and wand control options to make them easy to operate and eliminate the dangers strangulation hazard.

So, the next time when you are looking for a perfect window treatment for your kid’s room, don’t end up with the one that is affordable. But, carefully look into the various safety options available to ensure the safest room for children.

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