Five Reasons You Need A Hunter Water Accredited Designer

If you’re going to throw some dirt around in the Hunter region then there’s an important term you need to know. That term is Hunter Water accredited designer. It’s only four little words, but those words create a term that have big ramifications. As the principal engineer at LP Consulting Australia I’ve been asked to share why these words are so important. Whatever water and sewerage solutions are required as part of your development project, you can’t lift a finger without involving a Hunter Water accredited design consultant in the process. Here’s why:

1- HUNTER: A Hunter Water Accredited Designer knows the needs of the Hunter Region.

Australia is a vast landscape, with many unique attributes and community needs. With over half a million consumers being supplied by Hunter Water, it is important that consultants truly understand the region and the impact of development projects. This is why Hunter Water keeps a short list of approved Hunter Water Accredited Designers. Approved designers not only meet the technical requirements of a designer, they have in depth knowledge of the Hunter region, council requirements, the community and the land.

2- WATER: Your project needs someone soaked in knowledge about water.

While the metaphor of being soaked works for explaining how imperative it is to have specialised knowledge of water, it’s a bit harder to find the equivalent for sewerage. However both water and sewerage are important components of a construction project, and both require specialised knowledge that take years to develop. The list of Hunter Water Accredited Designers highlights the firms accredited as holding the necessary knowledge to complete projects that require water supply reticulation or sewerage reticulation.

3- ACCREDITED: Your development will not be approved without a Hunter Water Accredited Designer.

Hunter Water has a very specific development approval process which requires a Hunter Water Accredited Designer to meet the design and construction requirements. This is a pretty vital point, since you can’t get past the initial application without council approval. An accredited designer understands the red tape and how to process things to get that Section 50 Certificate. 

4- DESIGN: Experience, Qualifications, and Expertise. 

Designers are required to be experts across a broad field. Designs need to factor in budget, community, the landscape, environmental impact, safety, structural integrity, functionality, efficiency, aesthetics, energy, and effectiveness. It takes years of theoretical and practical training to fine tune these skills. Given the rigorous process that Hunter Water approval requires, you can be sure that a Hunter Water Accredited Designer is a reliable expert. Every design will be done with care and quality. 

5- CONSULTANT: Hunter Water Accredited Design Consultant will ensure your project flows smoothly. 

Development projects are not something you can mess around with. From checking the boxes, legal requirements, safety and effectiveness, to considering additional needs such as environmental impact, sustainability, and aesthetics, a quality consultant is essential. If your construction consultant is not a Water Hunter Accredited Designer they will need to engage one to get through the process.

That’s why I have ensured that LP Consulting Australia is a consulting engineering firm who has met the criteria to be approved as a Hunter Water Accredited Design. With 38 years’ experience as a water engineer I know how important it is to be properly accredited and adequately knowledgeable about the areas in which your services are provided.