Here are the Top Paint Colours for Your Kids’ Room

Finding the right paint colours to use in your child’s bedroom can be tricky if you aren’t sure which ones will work best. Kids’ rooms get more wear and tear than most other rooms in the house, and if you choose colour schemes that don’t stand up to wear, you’ll end up spending money on repainting the room in just a few years. If you want to know what colours will hold up in your child’s bedroom, read this guide from a painting company Sydney to learn more about the options available!


Since pink has strong associations with girls, many people believe it’s not a good colour choice in a child’s room. But studies have shown that there are no gender differences in how children respond to colour. Pink is actually an excellent choice because of its calming effect. The colour has the ability to minimise stress amongst children, while also allowing them be more creative.


Blue has also been considered a calming colour, so it’s no surprise that blue paint in kids’ rooms is very popular. Of course, there are different shades of blue, so it can be a little confusing for you to choose between the light and dark ones. The key to selecting a blue paint for kids’ rooms is finding one that isn’t too vibrant, especially when their room is small. According to the house painters near me, navy or teal blues are great options for big spaces because they take up a lot of visual space without overwhelming it with colour.


While many people may think yellow is too bright or attention-grabbing, it can actually help kids feel more enthusiastic and playful. Yellow tends to be more energetic than other colours like red and orange, thus making it a smart choice when you want your child to focus on their studies. The painting Sydney experts suggest pale or soft yellow colour for the room. It will make reading or playing games in their room feel less like a chore and more like something they do for fun.


Green is a colour that creates a relaxed environment. The colour isn’t stimulating, so it may not be best for an area where your kids are learning. However, it works well for other areas of your child’s bedroom. This colour also elicits feelings of freshness and growth. Choosing the best paint colours for your kids’ bedroom can be surprisingly tricky, especially when young children can be picky about what colours they like. You want to make sure your kids love the room they’re going to spend their time in, so do research and find the right paint colour for them. If you still feel confused, talk to the painting company Sydney and they will help you discover the right colour for the room.