How Should a Pendant Light be Hanged Properly?

Do you want to add some feature to the décor style of your living room or bathroom or bedroom? Well, pendant lights are an excellent choice. Gone are the days when pendant fixtures were only used to light up the kitchen and dining rooms. Today, pendant light has become the most prominent light fixture of the house, and it helps to emphasise an interior by illuminating the space and create a structural focal point.

The style of pendant lights can significantly influence and enhance a space, and add a character to a room. Pendant lights from the Australian lighting store are inherently beautiful, but they should be hung correctly. If they are not positioned well, it can bring down the appearance of a room.

Whether you have bought new pendant lights online Australia or spent your weekend to DIY one, here are a few tips to successfully hang a pendant light that covers the space and highlight the decors of a space.

How to hang a pendant light correctly?

The exact height depends on factors including, the ceiling light, the place where you are going to hung them, and the elements underneath it. For instance, if you are planning to install them on the entry way, make sure to install them at a certain height so that a person can’t knock their head.


If you are planning to install pendant lights in your entryway, then ensure you choose the right light fixture and hang them in the correct position so that it makes a statement. You wouldn’t have enough floor area in this small room, so obviously the best spot to add a character to the entryway is overhead space. Eight feet above the floor is the ideal position.

Living Room

If you are planning to hang them over a coffee table or sofa, never be afraid to put them as low as possible. It will never interrupt your sightliness when sitting or the flow of traffic. In fact, it will become a focal point in your living room and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. Go with dim pendant lighting Australia fixture so that it helps to set the mood for intimate conversation.

Over A Table

Though personal preference is a major factor, you can go with 30 inches above the table. A heavy fixture may interrupt your conversation if it is hung too close. So, consider less weight, slim pendant fixtures that not only interrupt your line but also give the visual appearance.  If you have a round table, consider one pendant or cluster pendants. If you have a rectangular shape, you can place two pendants in the same panel.

Kitchen Island

Ensure to hand the light 50-70 cm above the bench top. Pedants above bench top are task lighting that provides a statement. In fact, it is a must-have light fixture for any kitchen.  You can hang them in a series of three. However, if you have less space, you can go with two.


Suspending a pendant fixture above a bedside table is a great option. You can place them in the centre of the bedroom or above the bed. The optimum height to place the pendant in both the locations is at 2100mm above the floor.


Ensure to hang the pendant lights at a certain height so that it is not affected by the splashes from water. The Ideal height is placing them 1600mm above floor level.