How to Brighten up a Closeted Living Space

The increased demand for space in urban neighbourhoods has resulted in homes that have smaller rooms and closeted bedrooms. This entails a need for brightening up the room to counteract the confined feeling you get in it. This write-up is dedicated to devising techniques that make your room feel more spacious.

  • Carefully plan out the amount of furniture you need and try to incorporate a minimalistic theme in the house. Nothing screams of confining like a living room that is over stuffed with furniture. Instead of including ornamental pieces of furniture around the room like a decorative pouf or an unnecessary coffee table, you can include wall art. Mindfully picked paintings can give your home an elegant ambiance sans the clutter and make your house feel more spacious as well.
  • You must steer clear of dark curtains and use something trendier like plantation shutters. This is mainly because the shutters bring a nice and cheerful vibe to the room as opposed to curtains that make you feel stuffy. Since the curtains completely block out light when pulled shut; you will be better off with plantation shutters that bring in a moderate light when closed. Mellow sunlight can do wonders to make a room more welcoming as opposed to being dark and dreary.

Optimising your furniture and introducing a light and airy feel with plantation shutters can completely transform your interiors. It is the perfect way to alter living situations that leave you feeling a desperate want for space.

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