How to keep your kitchen neat and clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness. According to this proverb cleanliness is very essential for good and healthy living. You prepare all your foods in kitchen so it must be clean. Cleaning the kitchen is the important part of cooking. There are many simple and quick ways to keep your kitchen clean.

After cooking clean the vessels properly and keep it in the appropriate place. Clean the dirty spots created by the dishes on the table and the cabinets.
After complete cleaning the vessels don’t forget to clean the kitchen sinks with soaps and brushes and make them dry so that it prevents fungal and bacterial developments.

After grinding clean the mixer, juicer and grinder thoroughly. Pour some soap powder along with water and run them it helps to clean them between the blades and the corners. Clean the shelves and racks atleast twice a week. Clean the containers and bottles in which you store things in the kitchen. For a clean kitchen clean the refrigerators, microwaves once in a week.

Clean the entire kitchen twice a month while cleaning; check the condition of all the accessories using in the kitchen are in good condition to work with. If u finds any defects change that immediately to have a safe cooking.

For a safety kitchen please be sure that your small kids are not entering the kitchen when you are busy to avoid accident caused by fire and other sharp equipments. Keep the knife and other sharp things you are using in the kitchen in safe and appropriate place and ensure that you kids can’t able to take that.

On proper cleaning you can avoid odors and small insects and bugs entering and spoiling your kitchen.

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