How to Make the Perfect Kitchen

Regardless of whether you own your home or not, everyone wants to create their perfect kitchen without needing to entirely renovate or remove their existing one. If you’re looking to transform your kitchen’s style and feel without being too invasive, then we have some great tips for you below.

Colour the Cabinetry

If you own your home or have permission to change the colour of your cabinetry, go for it. Great bold colours are often overlooked in the kitchen, though they make great statements especially if the rest of the kitchen is quite bland.

Modern kitchen colour palettes are slowly morphing into deep mint, white and grey so don’t be too worried about going for an eccentric look because these often show up the best. Remember that if you have kids or don’t want stains to show as easily then opt for darker colours like blacks, greys and deep greens.

Lastly, keep in mind that glossy paints are easier to clean. That means keep matte to a minimum and perhaps leave that for the bathroom or bedrooms.

Be Practical

If you have the chance to rearrange appliances or renovate the kitchen, be sure to have practicality at the top of your list. A good pointer is minimising the number of trips from the sink, stove and workspaces and to keep these all as close together as possible.

No Clutter In Sight. Ever

Make the kitchen a clean, serene and efficient place to be in. Do this by making sure there’s no clutter anywhere ever. Make sure there’s plenty of storage space to keep appliances you won’t use often and this way your kitchen benches will be clear at all times.

Don’t forget about spices, oils and other items either. These need a home and shouldn’t just be spread around the benches. Keep paired items close together too, like your oven trays and the oven so that when it comes time to use them you’ll know where they are.

Great Lighting is Essential

If you have a smaller kitchen there is a simple fix to make it seem bigger – lighting. Installing directional lighting as well as under-counter LEDs is going to create great lighting effects and draw attention away from the size and give each section of your kitchen its own look.

Integrating smart lighting as well as adjustable lighting is a great way to help make the kitchen look bigger and brighter too. You’ll be able to see every part of the kitchen and not have to deal with dark badly lit areas making your small kitchen look even smaller.

Use Fixtures as a Styling Tool

Stylish fixtures are one of the best ways to add a statement to the kitchen. If you want a luxury, traditional or minimalist look then fixtures are the final step to topping the new design off.

Tapware designers like Bravat Australia have some of the most contemporary and quality kitchen fixtures so no matter what style you’re looking to integrate into the kitchen you’ll be able to find it at Bravat. The latest design trends for the kitchen are sleek minimal blacks so be sure to implement these if you want an on-trend kitchen.

Use Space Wisely

Regardless of a room’s size, an efficient use of space is vital. You want to make sure that your new kitchens features aren’t too large for the room. On top of this, however, if you plan on having more than one person working in the kitchen at a time you should sort this out in the design. Add in a breakfast bar for people to sit at and help you cook and also make sure that the overall design of your kitchen suits exactly what you want to use it for.

No Bland Stainless Steel Sinks

Lastly, the sink needs some attention. Take the time to search for a sink that actually matches the kitchen’s style and looks modern. That could mean a stone trough sink or even a nice squared marble sink, just be sure to stray from the older traditional stainless steel sinks of yesteryear.

On top of this, you should also make it a priority to have the sink sunken into the bench tops. This way the kitchen will always look clean even if there are dishes that need to be cleaned.