How to Pick the Right Paint Colour for Your Strata Complex

Strata painting Sydney

Picking an exterior paint colour for your strata building might be overwhelming, but this guide from strata painters Sydney will make it easier for you. You’ll have to consider the factors mentioned below while you are about to choose an exterior paint colour.

Choose Neutral Colours:

A good rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colours. The exterior of your strata complex isn’t something you want to be updating often, so it’s best if you didn’t paint it when the colour went out of style. If you go for a more neutral colour, the exterior will blend well with the environment and won’t have too much impact on your energy bill.

Aim to Improve the Curb Appeal:

What sort of visual impact do you want to make with strata painting Sydney? Is the building or unit a tall or small one? Is it surrounded by landscaping? For exteriors, lighter and brighter colours will typically make your building stand out. But if they already pop enough, you may want to opt for a darker shade.

Use Brighter Colours for Interiors:

According to the expert strata painters Sydney, light, cool and pale colours make an area look larger, cleaner, and brighter. This will certainly appeal to a wider audience. People like seeing cool colours around them because they associate these with feelings of creativity, purity, airiness and serenity.

Don’t Ignore Natural Lighting:

When choosing paint colours, consider the effects of natural lighting on the different colours. Areas that receive plenty of natural light will seem lighter because of this. The same does apply to lighting equipment used in your rooms. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what best suits your needs.

If you are struggling to choose the right colour, contact the experts offering strata painting services today.