Installing Artificial Grass Lawns Correctly and Perfectly

Artificial grass lawns provide an aesthetic upgrade to the look of your home. Moreover, most grass lawns are Eco-friendly too. This is why many households are now looking for the best artificial grass installers Sydney to help them do the job.

However, at times, we want to try things ourselves so we can understand how they really work. So, if you want to know how to do artificial grass installation Sydney, read on!


Everything starts off with the right preparation. You need to have the right measurement of your lawn to determine how much of the artificial grass you will need. Moreover, you also need to look into installing the right drainage system when deemed necessary. Finally, you have to make sure that the natural grass layer is completely removed.

Once you have done all these, you are now fully ready to move on to the installation.

Laying the Base

It is advisable that you use timber stakes or treated timber as your area frame. You need to position these stakes in the inner perimeter and ensure that they are slightly lower than the timber edging.

When the area is primarily made of heavy clay soil, it is recommended that you lay a base of crushed stones that is around three inches thick. Remember that this is not necessary for all the areas. You just need to do this in areas where there is a higher water table. When you have finished laying the base, you need to compact it by using a vibrating plate. This is usually included in the artificial grass installation cost Sydney when you decide to hire professionals to do the job.

Weed Control

On top of the base, you need to put a layer for weed control. It normally comes in the form of a geotextile membrane. When laying the weed control, you can use one-inch galvanised nails toward the timber edging. The membrane will prevent the weed from growing through your artificial grass.

Rolling Out the Artificial Grass

When rolling out the artificial grass, you need to do it in your desired direction. Moreover, take note that you need to work on the carpet side and not the levelled base.

You also have to make sure that you position the carpet well so that there is not a lot of joints, cuts, and waste. When joining, see to it that the artificial grass is properly laid with the pile going in the same direction. Also, remember to let the grass settle for about three hours before doing the jointing.

Spreading the Sand

This is not really a requirement. Rather, it is optional depending on the grass you selected. Note that most artificial grass products come with a sand infill but they are mainly for the stabilisation of the carpet. Just remember to evenly spread the sand over the surface of the artificial grass and do not do it in one go.

Ultimately, if this is too much work for you, you can always call artificial grass installers Sydney to make things a lot easier and hassle-free.