Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen design is very much down to personal taste, but here are a few of our favourite contemporary design styles for you to consider:




Ah, the farmhouse. The smell of warm bread wafting from the oven under the stove, and the sight of the family sitting around a large oak table to enjoy their evening meal. Sound like heaven? Farmhouse stylings rely on older items of furniture like solid wooden chairs and chunky tables. Opt for warm colours like yellows and reds to make for a darker, more comfortable room for the family to enjoy. Think large-scale and bold, from your appliances through to your curtain designs, and your farmhouse-style kitchen won’t go far wrong. Why not try a modern twist on this old concept, with more contemporary styled furniture for a fusion of interior themes?




Probably not best for a family kitchen, the modern or minimalist approach to kitchen design will contain very little. Look for expansive work surfaces and cabinets with plenty of storage – after all, we don’t want that toaster clogging up the work tops, do we? Try stone flooring, or even simple laminate and keep kitchen appliances out of sight where possible. Plenty of natural light will help, be that through patio doors or a large window, and make sure you use bright spot-bulbs to provide artifical light for evening dining.




Practical design isn’t really a specific theme, but more about a way of life that caters to the needs of your family. It’s a combination of simplistic style without sacrificing the general idea of a room that suits the needs of any sized family – particularly where kids are involved! Work surfaces will be easy-wipe and fittings robust enough to deal with the day to day living requirements of your growing family. Don’t worry about too many interior design features – there’ll be plenty time for that when the kids fly the nest! For now, it’s about minimal mess and maximum utility – oh, and make sure you avoid light coloured carpeting!




Chic design in your kitchen will focus on dark tiling and strong lighting, centred around a number of different focal points and features. Consider dark marble work tops and a similarly themed oven to keep in line with the overall idea. And how about tiled flooring or natural stone to bring out the rustic in your kitchen? Try to stay away from gold fittings and fixtures – despite your perception, gold doesn’t necessarily mean quality, and it can end up looking tacky, and ruining the overall look of your room.

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