Modern Kitchen and its Accessory

A modern kitchen must be stylish and have an elegant appeal pleasing to the eye. Any kitchen should be furnished with a contemporary style including cabinets, kitchen furniture, electric hob or chimney and so on. Modern kitchen cabinets are available based upon different style, finish and size. Out of the total cost of kitchen modeling, cabinets account for 40% to 50 % of budget. The aesthetic appeal of the Kitchen depends upon the type of cabinet you choose for your kitchen. Cabinets of kitchen are broadly classified into custom cabinets, semi custom cabinets and stock cabinets. Custom cabinets are high class cabinets that are designed based upon the customer requirements and as per their style. Semi custom cabinets are built in factory in standard size and design, while stock cabinets are made by a carpenter with the type of woods available locally. Cabinets resemble your style and acts as a crowning jewel to the Kitchen.

Next is kitchen tile which enhance the overall appearance and elegance of kitchen. Kitchen tiles are of various shapes including rectangular, square etc. Moreover they come in different style, color and materials. Most commonly used colors for kitchen wall are Lorenza Beige, Ambre beige, Munich beige etc. Tiles for floor and wall must have to be different in shade and design. Kitchen tile floors have to be dark colored while the wall floor must be light colored this gives a more artistic look to the kitchen. Hobs or chimney is the next important accessory of a kitchen.

These hobs not only add modern look but also serve as an outlet to remove the blanket of smoke from kitchen. The kitchen can become charming as well as functional if it is properly planned and designed.

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