Planning to Stock up Your Restaurant? Choose The Best Dishware!

Do you know that the perception of food starts with visual appeal and then moves on to taste, aroma, and flavour? Yes, if the first impression goes wrong, the rest of the experiences with your restaurant might go wrong.  So the dishware adds character and personality to the food you serve and thus makes the food more appealing and restaurant more successful.

Dishware plays an integral role in a dining experience!  In short, the dishware stands for the image of the restaurant, and it creates a ‘visual synchronisation’ with the food.

If you are running a retro-style restaurant, then the classic white plates and coffee cups will do just fine.

What is your restaurant Model? If it is Italian or Mexican, then the plates with bold design and colours will best suit your theme. Make sure that your dinnerware reflects your restaurant’s theme and compliments the overall design of your restaurant.

Today’s restaurant dishware is far more than just functional. The dishes add personality to your restaurant table settings, reflecting the ambience, design and theme of your restaurant. As you begin stocking up your restaurant’s kitchen, consider the following before buying:


Tableware is an essential component to complement the overall look of the dining area of the restaurant. The quality of tableware depicts the efforts that you have taken to leave an impression on the guests who dine at your restaurant. The role of tableware is essential for the food service business. So choose the best ware that suits your budget and restaurant style!

Coffee Mugs:

If you are serving a gourmet coffee, teas, or hot alcoholic drinks, make sure to use an equally high-quality mug! The Brew Australia coffee cups are a perfect way to highlight your premium beverages in an elegant form, and with their wide variety of available styles makes it easy to choose a cup that fits the need of your business.

The trick when buying a coffee mug is to get one with a capacity that best suits your commercial requirement, and with the Brew Australia, you have it covered!  Studies by Flavour Journal have shown that the colour of a coffee cup can alter the perception of coffee tastes and with the Brew collection they have carefully selected colours to enhance coffee’s sweetness, aroma, and quality!

Restaurant Glassware:

You can stock up your restaurant bar with Bormioli Rocco Australia glassware. From inspiring desert sets to stylish decanters, the Bormioli Rocco offers a wide range of glassware that is suitable for contemporary bar or restaurant. Make sure to buy from the wholesale hospitality suppliers, to avoid premature chips and cracks as well as when you buy from wholesalers you can save more.

Bar Tools:

If you own a resto-bar, you must have the right tools for your bar.  So, stock up your restaurant bar with the Bonzer Australia barware. Bonzer, specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality, unique barware for professional use.

Whatever you select, make sure that your dishes reflect the theme of your restaurant. Interesting patterns and attractive colours are an excellent way to make your menu items stand out.

Always remember, people eat with their eyes first. So, choose the best!

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