Protect Your Patio with Retractable Pergola Canopy

If you are looking for cost-effective shading solution to protect your patio, a retractable pergola canopy is a perfect choice. It is one of the easiest ways to not only protect your patio but also increase the functionality and appearance of your outdoor space.

Nowadays, most of the homeowners consider adding a canopy to spruce up their home décor. The pergola canopy can be retracted, or stationery or some of them extend down the sides. The canopies make pergolas visually appealing, and this is the primary reason why many prefer this shading solution.

Pergola Canopy:

The retractable pergola canopy is a unique shading solution that is custom designed for a patio, garden, or a pool.  They are free standing or can be attached to the wall of your home. Manual or motorised draped fabric slides are attached to aluminium frame or under pergola rafters. The design of a pergola canopy ensures that you get sun when you want and shade when you need.

You can even install a canopy under the existing pergola or attach them with side curtains to get privacy for your hot tub or, spa or even you can create covered alfresco dining on your patio.

How can retractable louvre roof systems help protect your patio?

A retractable louvre roof can provide you with a beautiful shaded area where you can enjoy the summer without worrying about sunburn. Throughout the year your pergolas help protect your outdoor furniture’s from the sun, rain, and other elements. Moreover, the areas under louvre roofs can be as much as 10 degrees cooler than surrounding sub baked portions of your property. Patio covers can also keep your energy bills low by shading more of your home.

Valuable reasons to install retractable pergolas in your patio:

Freestanding design:

Pergolas can be constructed anywhere you want. The freestanding design can bring shade, create a space and give a classy look to your patio. You can even decorate the pergola by having planters or vines growing over a pergola.

Space efficient:

With folding arm awnings, you can utilise your outdoor space efficiently. You can reposition them with very little effort making the best choice for those that often like change the layout of the outdoor area.

Can be customised and available pre-made:

If you would like to install in your home by yourself, you can get those pre-made pergolas and install it. It can also be customised according to your needs and get it fixed with the help of professionals. So, both the formats are available to suit the customer’s transport or assembly needs.

From modern designs to traditional ones, retractable pergolas canopies can not only protect your patio but also gives added touch that makes your patio or deck looks amazing.