Termites – Get Rid of them now with Pest Control Hurstville

Termites are one of the destructive pests present in the households. You might think that as you live in a house built with bricks, you don’t need to get an early pest inspection. But that’s just an assumption that can end up costing you much more than you think.

While many insects cause a striking fear in the hearts of homeowners, only a few are quite as destructive as the termites. Containing the enzymes required to digest wood they can destroy almost everything starting from wall studs to subfloors.

How to tell if there are Termites in your Home?

There are several signs both inside and outside the house for you to predict termites in your home. Termites nourish on wood, and they chip, crush or break away any piece of wood they come in contact with. As the wood collapse, it will become soft and mushy than it should be.

The termite also produces droppings called ‘frass’ that are in wood colour as they feed on wood. You can easily identify with your naked eyes those frass at the entrance of their tunnels or at sites along the wooden structures they feed on. Once you spot one, call out professional pest control Hurstville who will arrive at your home and help you out handle the situation.

Why Termites attack Household?

Termites get attracted to wood that is rotten, moist or damaged because these are easier for them to chew and feed on. Moisture is usually the primary concern because eating wood is a thirsty work. Improper yard drainage, plumbing leaks or humid weather can attract termites to house wood.  Rotting woods are not rigid as healthy wood, hence it is easy for the termites to bore in faster-establishing tunnels.

How to Prevent Termites from Attacking your House?

Deprive Them Of Water!

Termites don’t just feed on wood; they also need water to live. The drier you keep the area around your home, the harder it makes them attack your woods. Repair any leaks as soon as you find them. Also, during the rainy seasons make sure there is no moisture build-up in wooden furniture, door, and windows.

Be Careful of what you Store!

If you are storing logs of wood leaning straight against the walls of your home, the termites could use it as a bridge. Also, try using metal or vinyl options to decorate your home instead of wood.

Call Out Professional Hurstville Pest Control!

While it is possible to tackle the termites after they have broken up into your home, it is a much better idea to control them. Certain products leave behind a residue that is deadly for termites but safe for people. The professionals from Hurstville pest control know exactly how to prevent and eradicate these problem makers. With their advanced knowledge and skills, they will work with you helping to keep your home a better place to live at.

Talk with the pest control Hurstville about how to deal with termites in your home and ways to prevent them from attacking.