Three Colour Trends You Must Try in 2017

Blinds have evolved dramatically in the past years in terms of colours, patterns as well as purpose. Homes as well as offices are now embellished with blinds of different types to add more aesthetic value to the space as well as to satisfy specific functional needs. As a New Year has just unfolded, let us explore some of the interesting colour patterns that you may want to try with your blinds.

Mediterranean–styled interiors

Bring home the freshness of the Mediterranean region by buying blinds online in different shades of aqua green or turquoise blue. Experiment with roller blinds or you can also opt for the blackout blind options to create a cosier look. Add earthenware or terracotta décor items for a natural look. An alternative option would be to go for timber venetian blinds in rich colours and highlight the blue through interior décor items or furniture.

Pastel shade blinds with a tinge of brightness can never go out of style

Simple white or off-white online blinds can be matched with bright shades of orange, yellow and green. Bring in the sunshine by adding interior décor items or furniture (sofas, study tables near the window) in these funky shades and your living space will overflow with charm and style.

There is soul in black too

Black coloured Roman blinds with mysterious shades of purple or jewel tones transforms your living space or workstation into something more subtle, classy and elegant. The black shade offers maximum protection from light and allows the user to work peacefully.

Try these simple colour hacks with blinds and you can transform any normal space into something extraordinary.

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