Tips to arrange things in the Kitchen

Kitchen is the only place where everyone works to get their food. For both homemakers and working ladies, it’s a difficult thing to arrange things in their kitchen.  If you are cooking in a hurry means you will surely get confused about where you kept those things. This takes most of your precious time in search of things you used to cook. To avoid this you must arrange things properly in the kitchen.

The first and the best thing is you must have to plan a layout in mind according to which you are going to arrange all the things. Based on the layout arrange the racks or the stands.  If you are using same type and size of containers stick a label on them with the item inside. Otherwise keep the big containers at the back and then keep the small ones. Arrange the containers according to its usage; mostly used containers should be placed in front of others. Make sure and dispose the unused containers.  If you are in doubt then place such containers separately.

After cooking and finished cleaning arrange the vessels by keeping the smaller into the bigger ones, so that it won’t be clutter. Heavy vessels are kept in the lower part of the racks. Keep the spoons in a separate shelf or rack.  After that arrange the food contains vessels according to their size.

Keep the sharp things like knife separately and place visible to you but not to your kids. If you kept it higher because while you are busy in cooking you try to lift one but it makes the other to fall.

Don’t forget what all changes you have made. Also don’t enter back to state it would spoil all the things you made. Atleast twice a month try to make it organized.