Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Cozy This Winter

As the flu and virus season is approaching, facilities across St Louis Area should take necessary safety measures to keep their workplace clean.

Keeping your office clean is essential to provide a healthy environment for your employees and clients, especially during the winter months. While winter is a beautiful season, it can be a disruptive one too, bringing a chill that welcomes flu and cold. If you fail to take proper office cleaning precautions during this season, your entire office workforce will be on sick leave which leads to loss of business and revenue.

Providing a clean and hygienic office is one way you can make a positive impact on the health, productivity, safety, and satisfaction of your employees.

Here are a few tips that will help in office cleaning St Louis —  

The parking lot

When it comes to keeping your workplace neat and clean during the winter season, it all starts from the parking lot. You should make sure that the parking lot is as free of as much snow as possible. Whether you shovel it by hand or contact professionals or salt it down, it is vital to keep the exterior of your business is as clean as possible so dirt and debris won’t get tracked inside the business premise.

Clean and mop the floors regularly

A study conducted by the University of Arizona reported that about 421,000 units of bacteria are found on the outside of the shoe.

During the winter months, your employees will get their shoes wet as they walk from the parking lots to the office, tracking in even more dirt than normal. So, it is necessary to mop and vacuum the floor regularly to help inhibit the spread of germs. Moreover, having a professional office cleaning in St Louis and disinfecting service is highly recommended.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you know the indoor air contains more germs than the air outside? Yes, According to EPA, indoor air contains five times more contaminants than the outdoor air. In fact, the EPA warns that colds, headaches, flu, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems are caused by poor indoor air quality.

This evidence shows the importance of maintaining indoor air quality in your business space. The commercial cleaning companies in St Louis MO can help to maintain your indoor air quality.

Use professional cleaning services

When it comes to commercial cleaning in St Louis, one of the most productive ways to ensure your office is spick and span is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company.

When you hire professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business space is cleaned and sanitized. Most importantly, your workforce will be happy and healthy which will reduce the number of sick leaves during the winter months.