Vertical Blinds Can Fit Any Difficult Window Situations

Vertical blinds are a great solution for privacy, controlling light and creating a great look in homes and offices. However, sometimes, there might be certain difficult window situations wherein it may not be a cakewalk to fit a blind. In such cases, you can opt for customised vertical blinds online to suit any window requirement. Let’s look at some common problems and easy solutions below:

  1. French Doors – The aesthetic appeal of French doors is second to none. However, if you fit a vertical blind here, it may keep swinging and finally lead to faster wear and tear. You can get a tie-back with the vertical blind to enjoy your French door to its best. Get blinds larger than the doors so that when they move to the side, you have full open access.
  1. Mesmerising Views – If you have spent a fortune to buy a home with a stunning view, you might not want to compromise it with a blind. However, privacy may also be a concern. Opt for blinds that stack on the side of the windows in such a case. Also, get blinds with a small stacking space as larger stacking spaces block larger views.
  1. Peace and Quiet – If you like peace and quiet in your rooms, you can opt for fabric blinds as they make a substantially lesser noise when moving with the wind or the air conditioner.
  1. Arched and Eyebrow Windows – While they look absolutely gorgeous in your homes, fitting blinds may be a little tougher on these windows. Opt for blinds that can be shaped as per the window to retain their beauty, without compromising on functionality.

Vertical blinds can now be easily customised as per individual needs and requirements. So if you are facing a challenging window décor task, just consult a blinds expert and enjoy the solution!

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