Want to Perk Up Your Home with Haute Modern Wallpapers? Watch Out for these Trends in 2016!

You may be a busy décor diva on the go looking for something special to redecorate your home every year. As usual, wallpaper trends in Vancouver will still be sizzling into 2016, and these trends showering designer homes around the globe are sure to stay for a while next year. Whatever style you may choose, you will love the new designs of your best-dressed walls for years to come. Now, here are the trends you must watch out for in 2016!

Textured Decorative Wall Panels and 3d Designs

Can you guess the extravagant and chic wall design trend of 2016? Yes, it’s absolutely textured decorative wall panels and 3D designs. These decorative wall panels create a remarkable 3D effect which adds a classic beauty to your home. Moreover, these amazing and stylish designs are made of different interior design materials, from wood and bamboo to aluminum and steel.

Designer fabrics

Stunning walls are always dressed up well! Decorative, designer fabric is going to be the unusual and the most-wanted wall designs of 2016. These contemporary designer fabrics come in a variety of materials including upholstery fabrics and silk, cotton fabrics and synthetics.


Leather wall panels are going to be the most brave wall design trend and they are soft, warm and add Bohemian chic to modern interior design. It also provides a stylish, and exquisite with a touch of glamour.


Laminate design is nothing but adding a little imperfection to perfection. Wait! Wait! Confused? Read again! Yes, it is. Creating a laminate design with perfect imperfections and scratches gives a modern wall design with vintage style. Once it’s done you will just love the way what a laminate can do to create a fabulous look in living spaces.

Ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, exposed brick wall designs, wood designs and photo print wallpaper designs are the other trends that will revolutionise the world of home designs in 2016. But, don’t worry how to incorporate these designs in your home, any wallpaper installer in Vancouver can do this for you.