Warning Signs that Indicate You Need Chimney Repair in St. Louis

With the advent of modern technology such as heat pumps, fireplace or chimney has become a relic from the past. Those who were fortunate enough to have an old-fashioned but well-designed fireplace or chimney setup only knows how comforting is the heat generated from it. Moreover, with the right fireplace or chimney set up, the ambiance of your home becomes more incredibly relaxing. But, if your chimney is not in a proper working condition, the roaring fire from your fireplace is going to be a lot more difficult. When your fireplace is not functioning correctly, you won’t be able to use your fireplace safely and will end up in putting you and your family at a safety risk. Here we’ve listed a few warning signs that may indicate that it’s probably time to schedule chimney repair in St. Louis.


Did you notice smoke filling up your living space? It’s one of the common signs of problems in your chimney. You can identify this you find yourself coughing and hacking once you start burning the wood in the fireplace. The reasons behind this issue are,

  • Your chimney and fireplace is too cold to pipe smoke out of your home
  • Damper issues
  • Obstruction in the fireplace

If your chimney is too cold, consider holding a burning newspaper under the damper to remove the cold air out of the chimney. If an obstruction in the fireplace causes the issue, get in touch with a professional for chimney inspection in St. Louis Mo.

Masonry Cracks

Cracks in the masonry raise a red flag for homeowners and should not be overlooked. Cracking or crumbling masonry is one of the sure signs that you shouldn’t ignore. Cracking in masonry also mean heat escaping and cold winter air making its way in.

Rusty Firebox

Moisture is a real concern for furnaces. No matter whether the issue is caused by condensation or rain water getting in direct contact with the furnace, the rusty firebox is going to cause you great moisture problems. If you notice any such issue, contact a professional to schedule a chimney inspection and repair.

Tips to Prepare Your Chimney for Winter

  • Hire a chimney sweep in St. Louis at least once a year to remove soot and debris out of your chimney.
  • Schedule regular chimney inspection to check for any damages including cracks, missing mortar, loose bricks and more.
  • Cover the top of the chimney with a cap fitted with wire-mesh sides to keep away rain, birds, squirrels and more.
  • Don’t overload the chimney as a fire that’s too large or too hot can crack the chimney.

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