What Does a Home Building Inspection in Perth Involve?

Buying your dream home is one of the most significant financial investments you make in your lifetime, especially during inflated property prices in many of Australia’s capital cities. So, it is vital to buy a property that is structurally sound, fully-maintained and doesn’t have any pest problems. Carrying out Perth home building inspections help you to determine any hidden problems earlier and save you a lot of money.

Importance of Home Building Inspections

Before signing a contract to buy a property, it is essential to perform home inspections in Perth to assess the worth and condition of the property. A professional home building inspector checks your property for any structural defects or other issues and provides a standard property report. They look beyond cosmetic repairs to determine unsafe repairs that could minimise the issues of ‘unforeseen damages’ down the road.

Home inspections must be carried out before the exchange of contracts to identify problems that are expensive to repair.

What Does a Building Inspection Involve?

A home inspection expert will visually inspect the areas of your property and identify the defects that are hidden to the untrained eyes. They also note down the signs of structural defects or other expensive problems that could cost you more money on future renovation or repairs. Basically, home building inspections include the following attributes:

Home Interior

The professional home building inspector checks every aspect of the property’s interior such as cracks in the walls, problems in electrical wiring, broken windows and doors, and more.

Home Exterior

The home building inspector examines the construction of the property to check for any structural or functional defects.

Roof Inspection

The standard property report includes loose or damaged tiles or roofing, damaged gutters and downpipes.

Roof and Under-floor Space Inspections

The home inspector will check these spaces for any structural damage.

Property Site

The standard property report features the conditions of garages, carports, garden sheds, retaining walls, separate toilets or laundries, fencing, surface water drainage, driveways and paths.

The home inspection professionals also check whether the home is vacant, clean or in good condition. They check the fixtures and fittings for proper functioning. If they find major issues with the property, the seller will be in breach of contract, giving you the right to withhold settlement until the problem is fixed to your satisfaction.

Professionals who are certified to perform building and pest inspection in Perth will thoroughly investigate the property to check for the presence of any wood-destroying insects, such as termites or borers. The inspection report provided by these professionals allows you to determine the type of treatment that should be taken to exterminate any active pests.

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