What is the Need for Structural Engineers for Your Construction Project?

Structural engineers in Mandurah play a vital role in designing, planning and supervising the construction of new buildings and the extension of existing properties. They design and build structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.

Key responsibilities of structural consultants in Mandurah for your construction project includes,

  • Preparing reports, designs, and drawings related to the construction project.
  • They are well-trained in making calculations about loads and stresses.
  • They provide technical advice and select appropriate materials that are required for the construction.
  • They can obtain planning and building regulations approval.
  • They continuously monitor and inspect work undertaken by contractors.
  • They administer contracts, manage projects, and inspect properties to check conditions.
  • They coordinate the design team to achieve your project goals.
  • They can provide structural drafting and fabrication documentation, and reinforced, pre-stressed and Precast Concrete documentation to achieve your production needs.

Site Liaison Services

  • Structural engineers in Mandurah perform structural stability test and undertakes corrective actions for quality issues regarding structural problems such as concrete cracking and shrinkage, HD bolt setting out, tolerance issues.
  • They obtain certification of structural compliance including for Propping, reinforcement, Steelwork, masonry, Reinforced concrete structures.
  • Structural consultants provide factory checks for production sign-off for pre-cast and tilt-up construction projects.
  • They will also develop propping systems to provide temporary support for your construction projects.
  • Engineering management site activities such as reviewing construction for engineering compliance in accordance with structural documentation.
  • Preliminary corrosion investigations.
  • Structural investigation on site, including, cracking and deflection of any construction material. Settlement of residential and commercial projects.
  • They can also provide Superintendence service to aid the client and contracts team meet their obligations under contract documentation.

Structural Services

Structural services offered by structural consultants in Mandurah include,

  • Precast and tilt-up construction projects, residential and commercial projects.
  • Residential and domestic projects, such as extension, new build, structural certifications; retaining walls.
  • Masonry construction for residential, boundary walls, retaining walls.
  • Foundation design, including tradition pad foundation, balanced foundations, raft foundations, and piled foundations.
  • Marine structures including Jetties and boardwalk developments.
  • Structural investigation and remediation.

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